COROS Battery is a specialized Lithium primary battery (3.0V, 3.6V, 3.9V) manufacturer and supplier with outstanding experience in Korea.   Also, COROS Battery is expanding secondary battery business sectors like Li-ion and Li-polymer cells, Rechargeable battery packs, BMS, ESS and etc. based on our stable supply channel networks of Lithium rechargeable batteries.

By our own excellent research team, COROS Battery will mass produce developed special lithium primary batteries such as high temperature cells and other miliary batteries soon.   Also, COROS Battery will endeavor to the lithium metal-based secondary batteries from the development of key materials to the product realization of Lithium Sulfur Batteries and Solid-state Lithium Metal Rechargeable Batteries.

COROS Battery also provides hybrid or creative energy solutions with lithium primary cells connected HPC (Hybrid Pulse Capacitor), LIC (Lithium Ion Capacitor) and EDLC (Supercapacitors) together.