3.0V Lithium Manganese Battery

Compact and lightweight batteries for high power performance and long lifetime applications in a small unit like Security devices, LED lantern, Smoke detectors, AED (Defibrillator), Beauty equipment and etc.

Major Features:

  • Relatively high voltage: 3.0V
  • Relatively stable working voltage by the end life – Estimating residual capacity
  • Wide temperature range: -40~+60°C
  • Low self discharge: Yearly less 2% at RT
  • Internal PTC for safety

Spiral Type

Product Size Standard Nominal
Max. Cont.
Dis. Current
Max. Pulse
Dis. Current
CR123A 2/3A CR17345 3.0V 1600mAh 1500mA 3000mA -40~+70°C
CR2 CR15H170 3.0V 900mAh 1000mA 2500mA -40~+70°C
CR17450 4/5A CR17450 3.0V 2400mAh 1500mA 3000mA -40~+70°C
CR17505 A CR17505 3.0V 2800mAh  1000mA 3000mA -40~+70°C

* Other Size or Capacity type can be available upon request

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