3.6V Hybrid Pulse Capacitor

High pulse capacitors which are normally combined with Li-SOCl₂ Bobbin batteries for the applications requires long service life such as IoT, E-call, Tracking, AMR/AMI, RFID, Toll tags, Emergency medical devices, GSM, GPS or TDMA data communications.

Major Features:

  • High working voltage: 3.6V or 3.9V
  • No initial voltage delay
  • Stable working voltage against high pulse currents
  • Wide temperature range: -40~+85°C
  • Low self discharge: Yearly 1~2% at RT (Combined Li-SOCl₂ battery)
  • Safety system (PTC as optional)
Product Dimension Nominal
Max. Cont.
Dis. Current
Max. Pulse
Dis. Current
Max. Charging
HPC-1520 15.1 x 20.0 3.6V / 3.9V 140As (@3.6V)
260As (@3.9V)
500mA 2000mA 20mA -40~+85°C
HPC-1530 15.1 x 30.0 3.6V / 3.9V 300As (@3.6V)
510As (@3.9V)
750mA 3000mA 50mA -40~+85°C
HPC-1550 15.1. x 50.3 3.6V / 3.9V 840As (@3.6V)
1290As (@3.9V)
2000mA 5000mA 100mA -40~+85°C
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