3.6V Lithium Thionyl (Sulfuryl) Chloride Battery Bobbin

Low & Mid current batteries for long term life applications.

Major Features:

  • High working voltage: 3.6V or 3.9V
  • Keeping stable voltage by the end lifetime
  • Wide temperature range: -55~+85°C (Available ~+100°C, +130°C)
  • Low self discharge: yearly 1~2% at RT
  • Superior long shelf life: Over 15 years
  • Good Safety
Product Size Standard Nominal
Max. Cont.
Dis. Current
Max. Pulse
Dis. Current
CLE-03 1/2AA ER14250 3.6V 1.2Ah 40mA 80mA -55~+85°C
CLE-04 2/3AA ER14335 3.6V 1.65Ah 70mA 140mA -55~+85°C
CLE-06 AA ER14505 3.6V 2.4Ah 100mA 200mA -55~+85°C
CLE-10 A ER17505 3.6V 3.6Ah 100mA 200mA -55~+85°C
CLE-14 C ER26500 3.6V 8.5Ah 150mA 300mA -55~+85°C
CLE-20 D ER33600 3.6V 19.0Ah 300mA 400mA -55~+85°C
CLE-209 D ER33600 3.9V 16Ah 300mA 400mA -40~+85°C
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