Innovative Lithium Primary Battery & Lithium Metal Rechargeable Battery for a Future!

COROS is “Lithium Battery Technology Company” headquartered in Korea.

  • COROS Battery has over 25 years of outstanding experience in the development, production, quality and application engineering of Lithium Primary Batteries.
  • COROS Battery supplies high qualified lithium primary batteries by our own production or contracted suppliers with technology collaborations.
  • COROS Battery supplies only verified products to customers through a strict self-quality evaluation method.
  • COROS Battery provides not only lithium batteries but also total services including performance, product warranty, quality management, safety, storage,
    transportation and etc.
  • COROS Battery is a top leading company in the development of next generation lithium metal-based secondary batteries. COROS Battery has secured key patents of lithium metal-based batteries and is continuously developing technologies to commercialize lithium sulfur batteries and all solid-state lithium metal secondary batteries, the dream batteries.
  • COROS Battery has good partnership with Lithium secondary battery chain suppliers and is engaged in related businesses such as supplying competitive and customer-oriented secondary batteries (lithium ion, lithium polymer) cells, battery packs, BMS development, and ESS containers.
  • COROS Battery continuously strives to create the value for customers.